Grown in the Veneto region of Italy, the grape named Prosecco is responsible for bubbly wines that are fresh, delicate, and a bargain.  Rarely does a bottle of Prosecco exceed $20.

Sarah's decision to utilize her trusted advisory at Campus Wines has once again served her well.  In another very close race, her vintage dated Prosecco bested the second place wine by only 3 points.  For the second time, two people brought the same wine, but showed very differently.  Bottle variation appears to be a big factor with bubbly wines.

Tasters uniformly agreed that these were difficult wines to describe, and I wrote down very few notes compared to most tastings.   

While the most expensive bottle won the competition, it was still a good value at only $18, and the rest were only about $12.  Prosecco seems to provide a lot of bubble for the price.

First Place:  Piero Lugano Prosecco Bisson, Colli de Trevigiani, (IGT) 2003.  This wine gave grapefruit, wax, and straw on the nose, while on the palate there was black licorice, dark cherry and plum.  Ali and Andy's favorite wine of the night.  The only vintage dated wine of the night.  Received 21 total points.  About $18.  Sarah's bottle.

Second Place:  Zardetto Brut Prosecco di Conegliano  NV.  Lots of fine bubbles.  Lighter in color, with chalky, citrus (grapefruit), and green apple on the nose.  This was more Champagne-like than some others.  Stephen described moss flavors, while Sarah described grass.  David and Stephen's favorite.  Received 18 total points.  About $12.  Andy or Kristin's bottle.

Third Place:  Zardetto Brut Prosecco di Conegliano  NV.  Nose was musty and chalky, with red apple scents.  Andy said it was "stingy".  Fine persistent bubbles.  Fruity attack, then a spicy finish.  Pronounced lime flavors.  Kristin suggested that there was more texture to this one.  Sarah's favorite.  Received 14 total points.  About $12.  Kristin or Andy's bottle.

Non-Podum Finishers:

Canella Prosecco di Conegliano  NV.  Silver in color, with waxy, white peach and nectarine nose.  Kristin said it was "silky" in texture.  Tastes noted a watermelon quality, along with cherry, vanilla and bubble gum.  Sarah detected honey flavors.  Received 13 total points.  About $13.  Ali's bottle.

Mionetto Il Prosecco Veneto NV.  Came closed with metal, beer type cap.  Marzipan, small red berries, and flowers on the nose.  Flavors of under ripe strawberries and green apples.  Texture is watery.  Not completely dry, showing definite residual sugar.  Received 11 points.  About $9.  Stephen's bottle.

Bellenda Brut Prosecco di Conegliano-Valdobbiadene NV.  Ali felt that this bottle was the same as the third place wine.  David said it was lean, with strong levels of chalk.  Mouth-filling bubbles.  Andy said, "it feels like I have rabies" when describing this wine's texture.  Kristin's favorite.  Received 7 points.  About $12.  David's bottle.

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