While we didn't do a full wine tasting this month, we did have a chance to sample a variety of interesting wines from David's cellar.  Notes are shown in the order they were tasted.  No points were awarded.  Thanks to Ali & Andy for hosting, and providing a delicious array of food.

Hill of Content Sparkling Red Non-Vintage (Padthaway).  Black/purple.  Aromas of black cherries, blackberries, dust, wood polish, and cedar.   Juicy and spicy, with crushed fruit, black pepper, cloves, honeysuckle, and Dr. Pepper.   Well-rounded.  $15.

Vina San Esteban In Situ Rose of Syrah 2008 (Aconcagua Valley).  Bright light red in color,  with scents of sweet cranberries, rubber, funk, slightly soured milk, and pine.  Juicy red fruit, like raspberry, fresh orange juice, Boo-Berry Crunch, juniper.  Ali noted a "gin and tonic finish".  Surprising.  Darker in profile.  Andy felt it was like "a September rosé", and "more like a light red wine".  About $12.

Vineyard 29 Cabernet 1997 (Napa Valley).  Dusty and dark.  Andy noted, "I just went to the library, and I'm gonna do some learnin'".  Notes of bacon, butter, cloves, oak, and charcoal on the nose.  Andy was reminded of "candle-lit cave" and "there's some magical scrolls at the end of this".  Ali noted "stale licorice, but not in a bad way".  Other tasters found fennel, pipe tobacco, cassis, and plums.  Smooth, but sticks to your palate.  Shows intensity; masculine.  About $150.

Cal Blanca (Toro).  Scents of licorice, smoke, coffee, brown sugar, broken glass, minerals, lemon, eucalyptus, and avocado.  Andy said, "I feel like I'm making guacamole" and "ear wax".  Metal, candied apple, cinnamon, honey, and clover flavors.  Ali said it was "green and brown to me".  About $15.

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