This was our second tasting comparing bottles of Cru Beaujolais (the first was in May 2009), but this time we focused soley on the great 2015 vintage.

Overall, these were solid wines, displaying good fruit, supportive tannins, and a real sense of place at reasonable prices.

Photos this month by Andy.

First Place: Château des Capitans Juliénas 2015. Much darker in color, looking thicker and viscous, tasters initially were not fond of the basement-like scents, with Suzanne saying it was one "that I don't want to walk in". Other scents of violets, lavender, pineapple, pencil lead, and soy sauce. Kristin A found "burnt out candle". Almost brooding. Tannic and dark in the mouth, with a big and rocky feel to it, like crushed granite. Toothy tannins support flavors of cherry cola, blueberry, and nori. Very dense, with a hint of leather and plums on the finish. Had real improvement with food. The unanimous favorite, with 36 total points. David's bottle. About $19.

Second Place (tie): Georges Duboeuf Domaine du Riaz Côte de Brouilly 2015. Chalky nose, which reminded Kristin C of "clapping the erasers", while Andy thought of "hot summer rain". Suzanne was reminded of laundry, while David felt is was like a soap commercial. Something floral here, like a spring day with wildflowers. Creamy and soft texture that's velvety but not flabby, with some balanced tannin. The fruit is not unlike cherries and blueberries, with solid acidity. Andy noted the aluminum quality on the finish. Received 18 points. Ali's bottle. About $20.

Second Place (tie): Georges Duboeuf Fleurie 2015. Unfilterd. Some chalk/eraser scents on this one also, but also burnt sugar, cherry cola, and some earthy scents. Ali detected "tomatoes in the can", and "the peppers in the jar", while Suzanne found "a weathered quality". Well-integrated tannin, and cohesive texture. David felt that it "has a presence". Some medicinal qualitites. Well-balanced and structured. Had some toothy tannin, with a finish that wasn't as good as the attack and mid-palate. Suzanne felt that it had "a watery finish", and "needs something", with Ali noting that it was "like they forgot an ingredient". David enjoyed it, but felt that he wanted a bit more from it. Received 18 points. Kristin A's bottle. About $23.

Third Place: Domaine Emile Cheysson Clos Les Farges Chiroubles 2015. Super-grapey in color, and smelling more blue than red in regard to fruit. Some dusty library and cocoa powder scents. Andy was reminded of "old library, not like those new libraries with all the computers". Tart but juicy in the mouth, with that aluminum quality, and an antiacid aftertaste. Pomegrante. Brighter that the rest. Kristin A announced that "this is my least favorite", and Suzanne detected a "cleaning agent", while Andy declared, "I don't know what to do with it". Would go well with a fatty fish. Recieved 8 points. Andy's bottle. About $18.

Georges Duboeuf Jean-Ernest Descombes Morgon 2015. Unfiltered and darker in color, with overall dark impressions on the nose, like charred wood, campfire smoke, bitter chococlate, and sage. Kristin C felt that "this smells like a hospital", while Andy was reminded of "chalk on your pool stick". Fruity in the mouth, with flavors of cran-raspberry juice. Light on tannins, with a tart finish, and just a touch of crushed rocks. Nothing stood out with this one, but not bad either. Received 4 points. Kristin C's bottle. About $18.

Dufaitre Domaine de Botheland Côte de Brouilly 2015. Unfiltered. Sour cheese, yogurt, menthol,  and freshly brewed coffee aromas. Ali was reminded of "Luden's red cough drops", with Andy detecting "super glue". Some barn and fishy notes. Suzanne declared that "it's a little offputting". Very cherry in the mouth, with a medicinal note, plus some funk, meat, and autumnal qualities. Fruit juice notes show up later. Smoke, spices, and bacon on the finish. Kristin A was reminded of a "home goods store". Started off well, but faded and fell apart. Didn't stand up to food. Kristin A felt that it "tried to cheat, tried to get mature without maturing". No points. Suzanne's bottle. About $30.

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