The last time we tasted this category was in February 2011, so we were due for a revisit. Unfortunately, we were a bit dissapointed with these as a group, with only the top two wines generating a lot of praise. Still, none were very expensive, with the top wine also being the best value at only $15.

This also ended Kristin's winning streak of two months.

First Place: Veramonte Cabernet Sauvignon Primus 2012 (Maipo Valley). Diana initially detected "pool water" on the nose, then it moved to notions of buttered popcorn, something burnt, and currants. Blueberries and cream on the attack, with the palate offering spices, anise, dark plums, blackberries, and dolce de leche. Very good texture, good intensity, and an integrated feel to it. Ali wasn't as impressed, finding "a dumpster in the summer". Some cinnamon heat on the finish. Everyone's favorite, except for Ali. Received 33 points. Ali's bottle. About $15.

Second place: Lapostolle Cabernet Sauvignon Cuvee Alexandre Apalta Vineyard 2013 (Colchagua Valley). A bit musty nose, with moss, hard-boiled egg, violets, damp earth, flowers, wild red berries, and chocolate. Definitely gets better with air. Nice texture, showing flavors of tobacco, cherries, ashes, and charcoal. Kristin felt that it "doesn't tell much of a story", while Diana noted that it "reminds me of camping in the summer". Overall tasty, but not complex, with nice depth to the black licorice on the finish. Ali's favorite of the night. Received 25 points. David's bottle. About $22.

Third Place: Maquis Cabernet Sauvignon 2001 (Colchagua Valley). Looks unfiltered. Scents of bubble gum, rubber tire, dusty rose, basement, cured olives, fruit punch, and burnt sugar. Solid, strong attack, with notions of coffee, leather, and tobacco. Kind of rustic and hearty (not refined), and a bit tart on the finish. Andy decided that it "reminds me of a Chianti". Somewhat tannic, and not generous. Received 15 points. Kristin's bottle. About $20.

Cousino Macul Cabernet Sauvignon Antiguas Reservas 2013 (Maipo Valley). Smells bright, with notes of green bell pepper, butterscotch, mint, gasoline, and hints of cinnamon. Ali noted "artificial flowers in craft stores". Green in the mouth and a bit medicinal, plus flavors of bacon, cardboard, and tart fruit. A bit flat. Received 6 points. Andy's bottle. About $14.

Indomita Cabernet Sauvignon Gran Reserva 2014 (Maipo Valley). Scents reminiscent of cough syrup, milkweed, ammonia, and mustard did not impress us, with Andy declaring, "if someone put this under my nose, I wouldn't think it's wine", and David deciding that it was "not appealing". Spices, cherries, blueberries, molasses, and aspartame on the palate. A bit thin, but improves with air, though not much of a finish. Received 5 points. Diana's bottle. About $14.

Vistamar Cabernet Sauvignon Brisa 2015 (Valle Central). Dusty nose, with aromas of skunk, embers, ammonia, cleaning products, thyme, grass, and creosote. Ali was reminded of "bad lemon and urine", with Kristin noting "dirty coffee water". Diana found "green coffee beans". Smoke on the attack, then tart cherries, cassis, cherry cough drops and lemonade. Herbaceous finish that's tart with cranberries. No points. Matt's bottle. About $9.

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