August  -  Pinot Grigio Battle   COMING SOON       

        July  -  no tasting        

        June  -  Albariño Scuffle #2    

        May  -  What's In My Glass? (French Edition)         

        April  -  Red Burgundy Battle #2

        March  -  Petite Sirah Showdown #3            

        February  -  no tasting       

        January  -  Chateauneuf Shootout #3 


        December  -  Domestic Bubbly Battle #2 (Rosé)       

        November  -  What's In My Glass? (The Reds)         

        October  -  Barbera Battle #2 

        September  -  Oregon Pinot Gris Battle #2

        August  -  no tasting

        July  -  What's In My Glass? (The Whites)  

        June  -  World of Chardonnay #2         

        May  -  Brunello di Montalcino Brawl #3 

        April  -  Ribera del Duero Battle                 

        March  -  Côtes du Rhône Clash (the 2015s) 

        February  -  McLaren Vale Shiraz Showdown #2 
        January  -  no tasting


        December  -  Triple Challenge       

        November  -  War of the Central Coast Pinot Noirs #2

        October  -  no tasting       

        September  -  Sonoma Chardonnay Showdown 

        August  -  Spanish White Battle 

        July  Battle of the Rhone Valley Whites #2      

        June  -  World of Sauvignon Blanc #2    

        May  -  no tasting       

        April  -  South African Free-For-All #2

        March  -  Cru Beaujolais Battle 2015   

        February  -  Old v. New #2  

        January  -  Battle Rioja #2  


        December  -  Washington Merlot Melee #2 

        November  -   Dinner at Ali & Andy's

        October  - no tasting

        September  -  Sicilian Showdown #2 

        August  -  Mâconnais Matchup

        July  -  Dinner at Ali & Andy's  

        June  -  French Rosé Battle #2

        May  -  Chilean Cabernet Challenge #3          

        April  -  Clash of the Priorat Reds #3

        March  -  Barbaresco Battle  

        February  -  no tasting       

        January  -  Old v. New


        December  -  Zinfandel Battle #2

        November  -  New Zealand Scuffle #4

        October Barossa Valley Blowout #3    

        September  -  Greek Sampler #2       

        August  -  World of Pinot Gris

        July  -  Mid-Year Sampler      
        June  -  Sancerre Showdown #2  

        May  -  no tasting       

        April  -  Rosso di Montalcino Throwdown

        March  -  Battle of the Portuguese Reds #2

        February  -  Barolo Battle #2

        January  -  no tasting
2014 TASTINGS:               
        December  -  World of Bubbly 

        November  -  California Syrah Challenge #2

        October  -  Montsant Battle

        September  -  no tasting      

        August  -  Dinner at Ali & Andy's

        July  -  Battle of the Unusual Italian Whites #2

        June  New Zealand Scuffle #3

        May  -  Dinner at Ali & Andy's

        April  -  Gigondas and Vacqueyras

        March  -  Ali's Birthday Dinner

        February  -  10th Anniversary Tasting (Italian Merlots #2)  

        January  -  Chelsea Birthday Dinner


        December  -  Petite Sirah Showdown #2

        NovemberCarménère Challenge #2 

        October  -  Dinner at Ali & Andy's

        September  -  Oregon Pinot Noir Quarrel #2

        August  -  Double Celebration Dinner

        July  -  The Loire Valley Sampler, Part 1 (The Whites)    

        June  -  White Bordeaux Bash #2

        May  -  McLaren Vale Shiraz Showdown  

        April  -  Dinner at Ali & Andy's

        March  -  no tasting       

        February  -  Chianti Sub-Zone Challenge
        January  -  no tasting


        December  -  Napa Valley Brawl #3

        November  -  Dinner at David & Kristin's

        October  - no tasting

        September  -  Greek Sampler

        August  -  no tasting       

        July  -  World of Chardonnay        

        June Dinner at Ali & Andy's

        May  -  World of Pinot Noir 

        April  -  Amarone Assault #2  

        March  -  Cellar Sampler

        February  -  no tasting

        January  -  Clash of the Priorat Reds #2


        December  -  no tasting       

        November  -  2006 Brunello di Montalcino     

        October  -  2009 Côtes du Rhône  

        September  -  Dinner at Ali & Andy's       

        August  -  no tasting       

        July  -  French Rosé Battle

        June  -  Dinner at Kristin & David's

        May  -  World of Syrah 

        April  -  Grenache Skirmish #2  
        March  -  no tasting       

        February  -  Chilean Cabernet Challenge #2

        January Chateauneuf Shootout #2

        December  -  Dinner at Ali & Andy's       

        November World Of Merlots       

        October  -  War of the Central Coast Pinot Noirs       

        September  -  Chablis Shakedown #2       

        August  -  World Of Sauvignon Blanc     

        July  -  Domestic Bubbly Battle       

        June  -  Dinner at Ali & Andy's       

        May  -  no tasting           

        April  -  Barossa Valley Blowout #2        

        March  -  Malbec Mayhem #2           

         February  -  Dinner at Ali & Andy's

         January  -  Barolo Battle

2009 TASTINGS:    

         December  -  no tasting
         November  -  The World Of Cabernets

         October  -  The d'Arenberg Tasting

         September  -  Battle of the Unusual Italian Whites

         August  -  One of these things is not like the others

         July  -  Albariño Scuffle

         June  -  Mâconnais Showdown

         May  -  Cru Beaujolais Battle

         April  -  no tasting    

         March  -  Barbera Battle    

         February  -  Washington Syrah Showdown

        January  -  Sonoma Cabernet Clash

2008 TASTINGS:        

        December  -  Carmenere Challenge

        November  -  Clash of the Priorat Reds

        October  -  The Yalumba Tasting
        September  -  Battle of the Cotes du Rhone Reds

        August  -  no tasting

        July  -  Australian Chardonnay Showdown    

        June  -  Oregon Pinot Gris Battle    

        May  -  Brunello di Montalcino Brawl

        April  -  Cellar Inventory Reduction (the 95s tasting)

        March  -  Battle of the Australian Red Blends

        February  -  Washington Cabernet Clash

        January  -  no tasting

2007 TASTINGS:    

        December  -  Battle of the Portuguese Reds

        November  -  California Syrah Challenge

        October  -  New Zealand Scuffle, Part 2

        September  -  Rosé Battle    

        August  no tasting
        July  -  no tasting    

        June  -  Battle of the Rhone Valley Whites    

        May -  Sicilian Showdown    

        April  -  Napa Valley Brawl, Part 2

        March  -  Petite Sirah Showdown    

        February  -  Battle Rioja

        January  -  Cellar Inventory Reduction


        December  -  Oregon Pinot Noir Quarrel

        November  -  Australian Cabernet Crackdown
        October  -  Chianti Classico Challenge     

        September Côte-Rôtie Ruckus

        August  -  Sancerre Showdown

        July  -  Battle of the Rosé Bubbly

        June  -  no tasting
        May  -  South African Free-for-all  and  Spanish Reds

        April  -  Washington Merlot Melee
        March  -  Chilean Cabernet Challenge

        February - Chateauneuf Shootout

        January - Zinfandel Battle


        December - Grenache Skirmish

        November - Napa Valley Brawl

        October - St. Emilion Slugfest

        September - White Bordeaux Bash

        August - Sarah's Surprise Birthday Dinner

        July - Hefeweizen Face-Off

        June - New Zealand Scuffle

        May - The $7 Or Under Showdown

        April - Red Burgundy Battle

        March - Amarone Assault

        February - Meeting of the Ports

        January - Barossa Valley Blowout


        December - Prosecco Pandemonium

        November - Malbec Mayhem

        October - Battle of the Barolos and Barbarescos

        September - Cellar Inventory Reduction

        August - no tasting

        July - Champagne Shakedown

        June - Chablis Shakedown

        May - Spanish Showdown

        April - War of the Pinot Noirs

        March - Clash of the Cabernet Based Blends

        February - Battle of the Italian Merlots
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  • David sends out an e-mail describing the category of wine to bring.  Bringing a bottle from a different category is highly discouraged.  David is happy to answer any questions about what to bring.

  • Unless otherwise specified, bottles can come from any vintage or price range.

  • Each taster should shop for their own bottle separately, and keep its identity hidden.  Tasters should write their initials on the back label of the bottle.

  • Tasters should try to bring their bottle of wine in a plain brown paper bag.  Plain bags are also available at the tasting (we have plenty).

  • Tasters should refrain from wearing strong perfumes or colognes.

  • When tasters arrive, each is responsible for opening their own bottle of wine, and taking off all of the foil.  If a bottle is screwcapped, just the top cap portion should be removed.

  • There are a total of six tasters, each provided with six numbered glasses.  David is responsible for numbering the bagged wine.  All wines are tasted without knowing the identity of each glass.

  • Usually, we award points to our favorite 4 wines.  Each taster should think about his or her first, second, and third favorite glass, and usually a fourth. 

  • David hosts these tastings for many reasons, and we always have a good time, with plenty of conversation, food, and just plain fun.  Primarily, he does this for the wine.  Taster's focus on the wine is very appreciated.

  • Tasters are encouraged to take a taxi, public transportation, or have a designated driver, if possible.

  • This is a great deal of fun.