This was our second comparison of wines from the more southern Burgundy area called the Mâconnais (the first was in June 2009). Made from Chardonnay, these exhibited a great deal of similarity, with the top wines being bright and refreshing, but they weren't insipid either. They didn't change very much in the glass, but they were also endearing and great values, especially the second place wine.

In a rather unusual circumstance, the first place wine ended up being the same as the third place bottle, though no one detected it, with the bottles showing slightly different profiles - evidence that blind tastings are an important way to evaluate without bias.

First Place: Henri Perrusset Mâcon-Villages 2014. Tasters noted scents of raw potatoes, sumac, green and red apples, and Hubba Bubba gum. David felt that it was "intriguing" and "dusty, or more like cornstarch", while Ali decided it was "a dark pink to me". Great texture and very balanced, and while not super-complex, it offered flavors of lemon curd, pink grapefruit, and apples. Good length and focus. Ali, Andy R, Kristin, and David's favorite of the night. Received 28 total points. Kristin's bottle. About $20.

Second Place: Cave de Lugny Mâcon-Lugny Les Charmes 2014. A bit funky on the nose, plus aromas of new tennis ball, honeydew, Sprite, something candied, limes, and green bell peppers. Ali was reminded of "the white part of a strawberry", while others noted oranges and red grapefruit. David felt that it was "bright and juicy at the same time". Slightly earthy finish, like mushrooms, plus tangerines and some minerality. Fantastic value. Andy P and Resa's favorite, with a total of 25 points. Andy P's bottle. About $12.

Third Place: Henri Perrusset Mâcon-Villages 2014. Reminiscent of pears (maybe canned ones), applesauce, cinnamon, wood, dark spices, and candle wax. David found it "mysterious" with Resa describing it as "selfish". Hints of wet book and lighter in body, this offered red apple, Creamsicle, and freesia flavors, with some disagreement about the level of acidity. A little darker in profile, with raisin on the finish. Resa decided that it was "less fun than the others". Received 18 points. Andy's bottle. About $19.

Manciat-Poncet Mâcon-Charnay Les Chênes 2014. Grassy nose, with green apples, limes, limestone, and pine. David felt it was "inviting". Delicious, with notions of Jolly Rancher, fresh cut grass, lemon rind, green tomato, and aluminum. Crackling acidity. Resa described it as "even". Hint of butterscotch and subtle wood on the finish. Received 11 points. David's bottle. About $15.

Les Grands Crus Blancs Pouilly-Loché 2014. Cream/dairy on the nose here, plus minerals, key lime pie, Fruit Stripe gum, and candied oranges. Lots of acidity, with flavors of green apples and good texture. A bit shorter on the finish, with notes of slightly old orange juice, and a hint of gasoline. David found "salty air", and Ali was reminded of "a wet day in the fall with Gilly". Received 2 points. Ali's bottle. About $17.

Domaine Roger Luquet Pouilly-Fuissé Bois Seguin 2013. Andy was immediately reminded of "hair on fire", while others found skunk, dirty feet, Drano, and burnt tire. Resa asked, "Is it OK?", and Andy P announced that it was "off-putting". Flavors like warm cheese, kerosene, and pineapples. Andy P felt that "it should be drunk out of the bottle", but Ali decided that "I'm not putting it near my face". No points Resa bottle. About $25.

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