Coming from specific villages or vineyard areas, Cru Beaujolais have little in common with vapid, watery Beaujolais Nouveau that most people are familiar with.  There are ten different Crus, and while all Beaujolais are made with the Gamay grape, each area has specific characteristics.

There was unanimous agreement that this tasting was one of our best, with all wines receiving points, and with very few negative comments.  All were reasonably priced, and either from the 2005 or 2006 vintage. 

Tasters agreed that these would be excellent with a variety of foods. 

First Place:  Clos de la Roilette Fleurie 2006.  Displaying complex scents of clay, stones, cola, paint, turpentine, green pepper, wood, black pepper, and mushrooms.  Perfumed, with cherry, tobacco, bitter chocolate, and charcoal flavors.  Very appealing, with great texture and depth.  Showed some real weight and character.  Ali described it as a "drag queen".  Received 30 total points.  Ali's bottle.  About $20.

Second Place:  Louis Jadot Chateau des Jacques Moulin-a-Vent 2005.  Aromatics reminiscent of caramel, turpentine, wet wood, granite, freshly cut pine, and morning dew. Kristin was reminded of "car wash", while Andy noted "bug spray".  Dark cherries, licorice, and dark chocolate on the palate.  Good depth, with an astringent, interesting finish that featured oatmeal, hot cinnamon, and cloves.  Ali described it as a "man with a beard".  Received 18 votes.  David's bottle.  About $22.

Third Place:  Chateau de la Chaize Brouilly 2006.  Unfiltered.  Smelling of caramel, honey, wheat, granola, bubble gum, pink peppercorn, laundry bin, and carnations.  Gilles thought it was "like faded fresh flowers".  Velvety in the mouth, with flavors of meat, cheese, celery, bell pepper, flat parsley, and shoe polish.  Andy was reminded of "raw steak".  Kristin felt that it would be "better with something fatty".  Ali felt that it was a "man on a computer".  Received 16 points.  Kristin's bottle.  About $17.

Non-medal winners:

Louis Jadot Chateau des Jacques Moulin-a-Vent 2006.  Pink in color.  Summery, with a nose showing ashes, dust, violets, salty air, and lavender.  David said it was "pretty".  Tasted of peppercorns, olives, and bananas.  Andy felt that it was "alive" in the mouth.  Pleasant, with dried herbs on the finish.  Gilles decided that it would "be amazing with Morbier" cheese.  Received 14 points.  Gilles' bottle.  About $25.

Pascal Granger Earl Julienas Cuvee Speciale 2006.  Aromas like brown sugar, socks, leather, licorice, and Sambuca.  A little flat on the palate, with cola, plum, and raisin flavors.  Had a dark profile.  Ali described it as a "frowny face", and Gilles said that this was "the kind of wine you have on the phone".  Received 11 points.  Joyce's bottle.  About $16.

Domaine Piron & LaFont Chenas Quartz 2005.  Smelling of cherry cola, glass, paint, tomatoes, Windex, metal, and zucchini.  Joyce was reminded of "rain on wet concrete".  Bell pepper, light coffee, and black pepper flavors, with striking cherry flavors later on.  Refreshing, and with a long finish.  Ali described it as "a large woman", to which Andy added, "like Paula Dean".  Received 11 points.  Andy's bottle.  About $25.

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